Direction – The inquisition of General Howerton

Working Chapter 12 of my Is it for us alone? novel in progress The memories were muddled and being actively hidden from the group. There was no method of coercion or force that could work given the nature of what was sought after, but the consciousnesses within Anders were all for understanding what had happened so … Continue reading Direction – The inquisition of General Howerton

Challenging update

Decent going, but over 40k still to go! Story is all outlined, just tackling each chapter but by bit. Sometimes on the tube using my phone, sometimes with my laptop in bed. I think I'll get there. Whether I'll have time for editing is another matter! Word count: 6,401

Another Challenge update

Not done the best at keeping my word count up, but I have done tons of reading/research/outlining/character sketching which I'm hoping will start to make getting words down on the page easier and quicker.  Here's committing to it!  Plan is to hit another few thousand by the end of the week. Bedtime. Word count: 2,463