I haven’t squeezed enough time in writing recently, but hopefully another spurt coming….some work in progress from the Cazique of Poyais story…

Jose stared at the papers for a time before really looking at them, the way you might when your mind believes it knows exactly what is in front of it and therefore scrutinises nothing. He carelessly moved the bits of paper about that represented one possible future for him and his sister. If Noemi ever decided it was ok to speak to him again. Based on previous infractions of his, or perceived ones, she should. This was of course quite different given she was blaming Him for their uncle’s death, so he didn’t hold much faith in this potential future life.

As his hands made their way aimlessly across the papers he felt something that was not like the others. It was smaller, folded and a rougher paper somehow. Simple and not the leather backed of the deeds and bonds. This was something personal, not professional, not official. The paper was a letter, though there was no particular seal, just a fold to keep it closed. Jose picked it up to examine it.

The letters “N” and “J”, in that order were written across the front. Not a kind note from Daniel Perez wishing them well, that is to be sure. It had to be from their Uncle. Holding it in front of him he wished that the letter held some answers, some way to reconcile with his sister. To start, he knew he could not open the note without his sister. So, he got up and strode boldly towards the hornets nest, his sister’s room.

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