…some work in progress from the Cazique of Poyais story…

They lingered in London only long enough for a confirmation that more money had indeed entered Jose’s account. With the cash they had from Sam Jenkins it had been a relaxed stay, ironing out the final details of their next move regarding MacGregor and Lehuby. They fretted and worried that the transaction had already taken place, that funds were sitting in MacGregors account, away from their scheming hands. They were likely baseless worries as not much time had passed and Lehuby would want to get some settlers signed up before paying anything over. He wold care that the deal had been up front payment. They also knew that worrying would do nothing, so they continued their planning.

Emma sat on her bed, packing away some of the new things she had acquired in those days of waiting. Nothing extravagant. Nothing expensive. A brush, a book, a dress, some cheese. Things she hadn’t had properly for a time. Things she bought with money she earned.

Her exploration of love with Jose had advanced. They had shared her bed in a loving embrace that lasted till their arms were asleep along with their minds. Kisses flitted between their lips with regularity and they shared more depth of each other’s stories. Time is mostly what they spent together. A rare currency that they devoted to each other for that period. She was sad that this period, brief as it was, had to come to an end.

As she finished packing, she reflected that she was off to tell French people to get a passport, a thing she didn’t possess. In doing so she would wound their spirit of adventure and ultimately that a better life was in reach. Relatively it would be as bad to them as her ordeal. She would have the small solace of saving them from her fate, or worse. Her fate was wrong though. It had turned out that perhaps the Poyais scheme was the best thing ever to happen to her. That couldn’t be said for anyone else. She would save those unknowing French settlers from the fates of her compatriots.

Jose and Noemi had already left their lodgings, so she took her bag and walked downstairs to where the caretaker held her never ending vigil. This was no caretaker like Mrs. Pevershem, but there was also no love lost. She only nodded as Emma thanked her for her hospitality, though there was none, and returned the keys to the room.

Walking slowly along the road, she waited for something to happen. Some event. Getting caught in the rain, being mugged, falling. Something that might upset the good feelings she had. Anything to knock her off her current course. It didn’t come and she was grateful.

Soon she would reach Jose and Noemi and be brought back to the plan. Brought back to thinking how she would encourage those settlers, somewhere outside Paris, that they should get a passport. Something she hadn’t done.

Smiling as she met their eyes, Jose helped her with her luggage and gave a loving look. It didn’t mean they were in love. It was enjoyable all the same, and who knew.

For now it was travel to Paris. Falling in love would wait.

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