Chicken Dinner

From a story I started back in 2011 called “Hank Patrick is Dead, Long Live Hank Patrick” – more on that here.

Marcus managed to pull himself out of the bathtub and then he leaned on the bathroom counter and stared at himself in the mirror.  He concluded that he was staring at a shitty human being, but that he shouldn’t give himself such a hard time.  It was time for him to continue the night before the liquor hit him so hard that he passed out, which he estimated would only take another hour or so.  Therefore it was imperative that he kicked off phase three – blackjack.

Gambling is an exhilarating experience that is borne out of the slim chances of winning big from mediocre stakes.  Marcus thought that it was the second best concept that man had ever invented.  It turned a horrible aspect of life, that is the procurment of currency, into an enjoyable experience.  He hadn’t quite decided what the first best idea that man had ever dreamt up was, but he knew gambling wasn’t it so he ranked it second while he discovered the first.  

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