Babish’s Pizza

I’m not even going to pretend that I tweaked this one.  Go over the Binging with Babish here to watch how to do this one and then proceed to get hooked on watching them.  They’re awesome.  He’s awesome.  Usually they’re easy enough to follow.

For this version, I topped it with one Galbani mozzarella and some basil leaves.  I probably should have used less mozzarella as it got all liquidy in the middle, but it still tasted awesome.

I’m going to try some different tweaks to the dough and sauce and if I get any better at it, I’ll update you.


  • I used my bread board as a pizza peel – it worked just fine
  • I didn’t have a pizza stone, so I turned my oven’s baking tray upside down and placed it at the top of the oven
  • I turned the oven up to the max temp
  • I spritzed water in the oven before cooking, but no idea if that really made a difference