Digging up some old writing

Hank Patrick is Dead, Long Live Hank PatrickA story that I started writing back in 2011. The idea sprang out of the love of the phrase, “The King is dead, long live the King,” and all the wonderful underlying meaning in it. Paired with my disinclination toward monarchy, but still with an interest in the idea of a lineage of some sort, I wrote this story about an immortal man who is really different men. Think “The Phantom” meets, well, I’m not sure what exactly.

I never finished it, but wanted to share – I’ll spread out the few chapters I do have. If people find it interesting, I’ll try and revisit and finish it!

The Cazique’s Wake

A synopsis of my “Cazique if Poyais” novel in progress

Barcelona, Venezuela, 1816 – A Scotish Gentleman fights as a Brigadier-General in the Venezuelan Republican Army under Bolivar, earning equal measures of praise and ridicule. On the one hand being called the Xenophon of the Americas and on the other a Quixote and bluffer. During his time there, his less honourable thoughts get the better of him as he dreams of the road to riches and cooks up the con of the century.

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I’m finding editing is going smoothly. Edits on almost every page but I’m really enjoying reading my story back to myself. Although, at times I wonder what on Earth I was thinking when I wrote certain sections – they’re grammatically horrible, don’t fit with the story and are probably there because I was trying to […]

Early retirement

…some work in progress from the Cazique of Poyais story…final bit of the first draft!!

As the autumn was coming to an end and the winter knocked lightly at the door, Barcelona was a wonderful place to wander around, particularly with the sea breeze lightly whipping up against Emma’s cheeks. It had been a long journey here, though strangely familiar to the Poyais lie that had been sold to her, only on this side of the Atlantic. The Mercorda’s knew Spanish and they were no allies of the French, so even if there was some thought of pursuing the three of them, they would be safe.Read More »