Early retirement

…some work in progress from the Cazique of Poyais story…final bit of the first draft!!

As the autumn was coming to an end and the winter knocked lightly at the door, Barcelona was a wonderful place to wander around, particularly with the sea breeze lightly whipping up against Emma’s cheeks. It had been a long journey here, though strangely familiar to the Poyais lie that had been sold to her, only on this side of the Atlantic. The Mercorda’s knew Spanish and they were no allies of the French, so even if there was some thought of pursuing the three of them, they would be safe.Read More »

In custody

…some work in progress from the Cazique of Poyais story…

Gustavus walked down the street towards the new apartment that Jose, Emma and Noemi were staying in with Thomas Irving, MacGregor’s secretary, in tow. Thomas was annoyed at having been tasked with following Gustavus on this particular mission. He was suited to sitting at a desk, writing letters, filling in ledgers, planning. Not this nonsense of being out and about chasing after people for money. Worse was that the lot they were going to see didn’t even have the money. They were just targets for information. Gustavus was sure that they would know where Lehuby was, that snake.Read More »

On the run

…some work in progress from the Cazique of Poyais story…

Lehuby was sipping a coffee in the cafe where Noemi, Emma and Jose had once spent such an effort in finding Lehuby.  They knew he was there because they had just spoken to Gustavus who indicated it was where Lehuby spent his time recently – looking for tips on where he might find willing settlers.  When Emma and Noemi entered the cafe, they scoured the room to find Lehuby.  Having been such a time since they last saw him and because of the story they had built up in their heads about him, they expected something that looked a touch more evil.  He was just the same, standard, French gentleman though.  Drinking coffee whilst checking the shipping news.  Emma and Noemi looked at each other as if in hesitation as to what they were about to do, but decided there was no point hesitating.

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I originally set a goal to do 50k words on the Cazique of Poyais story in a month. I did pretty good, getting to something like 13-15k, but no where near 50k that I wanted to. Life happened and I fit the writing in when I could and wanted to. Now I’m at 70k words […]