After wrestling a serpent


What lies beneath the water in the Fjords, where mighty Aesir and Vanir once sat as the only true Gods?  Unlikely that there is anything out of the ordinary there, but Eric Anglegot is sure a great secret lurks in their deepest trenches.  He has taken his two chances, his two lives and he is determined to get back to try for a third and final time.  The prize is worth it.

Why I’m writing it 

The concept of a second chance or even a third is tantalising to all of us, but only because we only have the one.  How do people react when they know they have three shots at life?  Some controls would have to be put in place that people wouldn’t like and of course, each individual grouping of people would act differently.  This story aims to explore a couple of these concepts in hopefully a fun way.

How do people react when they know they have three shots at life?

How I’m writing it

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



22 December 2017

I’m still working on Part 3, but hopefully will have a bit more time to write over the Christmas break.  Eventually I want this to be a full novel, so it will likely be many parts to come, followed by a rewrite or at least a whole lot of editing.

6 January 2018

Part 3 now done and published and working on Part 4 which should hopefully start getting the story going a bit more out in the world and uncovering Eric’s intentions more for the trench and why he is so keen to get out there and continue his search.