Only another 1,000 words or so in a couple of weeks. Not exactly the progress I had in mind, but forward movement nonetheless. I feel like I’m reaching a turning point in the story that will see the rest of it flow out to the eventual climax. Still enjoying it, which is the key point. […]


Back on the proverbial horse after the quiet march, I’ve now written a few more thousand words and I also finished plotting out most of the rest of the story I was writing for the competition.  I think that I might be able to finish it in the next couple of months which would be […]

Quiet March

Not entirely true, seeing as March was busy, just not on the writing front. My failures were: Didn’t write a single post Only cooked two newish things and not sure they’re even worth a recipe post (also I didn’t take any pictures) I didn’t manage to complete the 50k words and submit my novel to […]