Cow Island #1

I’m not actually on Cow Island, but this is the first hi from my Cow Island.

Why Cow Island?

There’s a place in Sweden on the West coast called Koön, where my parents have a summer place.  It’s right next to a considerably more famous Island (at least in sailing and Swedish circles) called Marstrand, which plays host to a large fortress called Carlsten, which was built in the 1600s.  We always lived on either Instön (Inner Island) or Koön growing up and while I have a longer connection to Instön, let’s face it – Cow Island sounds a lot more fun.

What’s Cow Island Publishing about?

At the moment it’s just me sharing snippets of books I’m writing/want to write some day, recipes that are usually delicious and hopefully easy to follow, my thoughts on books I’m reading and anything else that might be of interest (once we all figure out what that might be).  I called it ‘Cow Island Publishing” because maybe some day that’s what I’ll do or help others do professionally, bit right now I can’t claim to be anything other than amateur.  In the future, who knows.

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