Working through the novel in me

Everyone has a novel in them. I totally agree with this statement, but in my case I feel it’s more accurate to say I have 6/8th of a novel in me, 1/8th in a lovely blue leather bound book that my fiancé created for me from my scrappy word document a couple of Christmases ago, a copy of that same 1/8th (but without the loving inscription from my fiancé) and the final 1/8 strewn across my Scrivener file with the working title, “Is it for us alone?”

I flipped through my old notes and can confirm that this started coming out of me five odd years ago and while the dam of other things is usually quite strong, every so often a mini flood occurs and more of my novel leaves me and finds its way to the page, whether it be electronic or paper. I always enjoy those spurts and wonder why I don’t do it in the moments when I’m in full swing. Other things do come up though and I throw myself at those.

To remedy this and get the full novel onto the page, I started a WordPress blog. It would keep me writing. It would be useful to log my progress. That was a couple of years ago and I only made my first post the other day. In fact, it was only a few days before that I even came up with a name for the thing. That was another other thing that kept me from the novel. Now though, here it is, in its free customisable theme which I’m assured is good for long form writing.

As you may have guessed, I’ve been thinking about what I can write for the blog over the last few commutes to and from work (where I am writing this right now) rather than eking out the same number of lines on the novel. So it is, and frankly I enjoy the thought of it unfolding over a number of years. Whether it is published and read doesn’t matter so, but it will be fun to get it to the end.

– Bakerloo Line, London

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