How I’m writing…

My approach to What to do after wrestling with a serpent

I thought it would be interesting to write a few notes about how I’m writing one of the serial posts here. I think it is a short story, but maybe it’ll be a novel. Also, there’s a high probability that it will be an unfinished. That’s also OK.

The parts

Writing in parts is more for convenience of writing on my phone during commutes. Eventually the plan is to go back and edit these parts either into longer chapters or combine some. During that stage I’ll recheck my poor spelling and grammar apparent in my commuting writing (I admit that some of it will just be my poor writing on a first go around as well).

The writing

On the commute, lounging on the sofa, lying in bed, etc – invariably with my right hand only on my phone. Occasionally I’ll go back and look at things on my laptop. I should really write on their because I find it cones out better and probably saves my fingers a bit (at least my thumb) from strain in the same way. Still, it’s most convenient to do it on either side of work and normal life. Mostly, I’ll do it when I’m happy as it gives me pleasure in those moments. I hate for it to feel like a chore, which is how it seems some approach it.


Immortality has always been interesting. The idea of stealing some time and living longer. Somehow being able to pull off several lives is fascinating. For me it’s not about regrets, but possibility. If there was a space program that was more active in 100 years and I got to start over my life (with all my loved ones doing the same) then maybe I’d do that rather than what I’m up to now. Or maybe I’d do that just to try something else. If you’d saved up enough money in your first life then maybe you could do whatever. Perhaps you’d be more cautious.

The prospect of a world where almost immortality is interesting. The technology is there, but society still limits it. Surely someone would try to circumvent that system eventually.


Always the big question when I start something. Will I ever see it through to a point where I’d call it complete? Maybe.

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