Why buy Ciabatta rolls from Tesco?

The other day I bought some hummus and an olive ciabatta roll from Tesco for lunch. I saw a colleague do it and as I’m always on the lookout for something new, or at least slightly different, to divert me from the repetition of Pret, Eat, Leon and the other usual suspects. There’s actually plenty of choice, frankly we’re spoiled, but variety tends to be the way to go with food for me. Anyway, the hummus/bread combo is about half the cost.

I was really happy with the result both in taste and satisfaction with a slightly different lunch, so of course I decided to build it up myself. I think I was semi successful – they look great but I’m not sold on taste just yet.

The recipe

I used this recipe from Gatherforbread.com which I think worked out quite well, though I’m pretty sure I screwed the poolish a bit, that my kitchen was way too cold for rising properly and that I didn’t bake it quite right.

Key differences from the Gatherforbread.com recipe were:

  • I used khorasan flour for the poolish
  • I used fairly sloppy conversions from cups to metric system measurements
  • I didn’t have an oil mister so just dabbed the dough with oil when instructed to mist
  • I baked them all in one batch, and
  • I didn’t have a spray bottle for the oven so I muddled through.

Anyway, the featured image above is the result. They look good and taste decent. Tomorrow for lunch I’m going to try them out with some homemade hummus which I’m making tonight in order to give this one I found on reddit a go.

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