“Come on boys,” Linn said to her two best summertime friends, “we can’t sit here and play video games all day.”

Freddie and Tim looked at each other wondering what she wanted to do. Tim said, “didn’t you suggest we play video games? Why the change?”

Linn rolled her eyes, but she knew it was best not to demand. She explained, “do you have any idea what’s on Cow Island?”

“Cows,” Freddie ventured.

“Wrong, it’s adventure!”

The boys reluctantly agreed and off they went on their little boat across the small channel that separated them from Cow Island. They arrived like triumphant heroes, with Linn leading, but there wasn’t a soul, cow or human, where they landed.

A short walk up a shaded path lead them deeper into Cow Island and an eerie feeling as they came across a lonesome cow. With joy, Linn stroked the cow.

Tim knew something was wrong. He turned and saw a group of twenty bulls staring at them from the top of the path and he panicked, “run guys!”

The three friends scattered, with Linn jumping into rose bushes and the boys climbing over electrified fences to escape the starting stampede.

When the dust from the stampede settled, the boys wandered back to check on Linn, hiding in her thorny armour. A few bumps and cuts, but she was fine. As they walked back to their boat, holding hands and full of life, one thing was certain: there was indeed adventure on Cow Island.

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