A favour owed

…some work in progress from the Cazique of Poyais story…

No one quite knew what would be said next, Jose included.  He dangled the bundle of papers in front of him as he put on a happy, but serious look, trying hard to denote that he knew exactly what he was talking about when really all he knew about finance was what he had heard in the last two days.

He walked forward to the desk and placed the bundle on the desk, “you see, your lordship, what they’re doing here is raising you money with very reasonable repayment rates that go far into the future.  It allows you to spend significant resources now, grow your coffers and better serve your interests.  The rate is slightly higher than is usual, but it’s also an excellent deal.”

“I’m not sure we actually need the money though.  I feel this is a dirty deal.”

“Not at all, your lordship, it is a great deal.  Also, from my previous dealings with Jenkins & Co, I know that they typically provide rebates on future deals.  So you’d pay a much lower rate next time.  As to whether you need the money, I think the answer is that you can always do with more.”

“I will have to tell of my treasurer.  He shouldn’t do these things without my knowledge.”

“Perhaps he was trying to surprise you or maybe even he thought it was too routine as to require your input.  I’m sure that your lordship has much more important things to do.”

“That is true young man.  And so I will need to be off to attend to that.”

Jose was amazed he had got away with it and he decided to push his luck just a bit further, “and to payment, your lordship?”

He scowled and began, “why should I-,”

Emma chimed in with doe eyes and a smile, “we don’t need much, your lordship, but anything you can do to make our next night’s stay here in Fulham more comfortable, we would be much obliged.”

He considered for a moment, but knew he couldn’t resist and besides, he had much else to do this evening.  “Very well,” he said, counting coin out of his purse, “here is a small token of my appreciation for delivering these documents to us.”

Handing the coins to Emma, he nodded to them all and finished their exchange with, “please show yourselves out,” which they promptly did.

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