Lunch working

"How's things?" was a phrase uttered across the restaurant tables and sprawling out onto the outdoor areas where people variously stood in small groups or sat awkwardly on small benches and raised ledges. All in the midst of lunch and creating a buzzing, humming noise that carried itself through the narrow London streets out into … Continue reading Lunch working


Maybe, maybe not. I'm not writing as much as I'd like to given some other competing priorities. When I do, it's slow, but comforting progress. I'm at a juncture in the novel where the main characters launch into the adventure they've been building up to. When I can set aside some time, it will be … Continue reading Juncture

A scene set

Daniel Perez sat patiently waiting at the local Belize Town tavern. It didn't have a specific name, it was just known as the tavern. When many ships were in port it was a rowdy old place filled with the hollers and laughs of sailors finding their land legs. At this point in the early evening, … Continue reading A scene set