Growing veg part one

Poking through!

I got a kit for Christmas with little biodegradable pots, dehydrated compost and five different types of seeds for slight more “unusual” veg – purple carrots, yellow courgette, purple Brussels sprouts, tigerella tomatoes and colourful chard.

I’ve always wanted to have a go at growing my own veg, so when spring came around, I finally gave it a go.

So far it has been relatively straightforward, with nature doing all the work really. We’re a long way from getting to plants a size and quantity that make a meal though!

I’ll let you know how it goes but so far I’m especially impressed with the courgette (of course, that’s my least favourite veg of the bunch!).

Spaghetti, tomato, chicken 😋

I started making a marinara sauce which I was contemplating having with some spaghetti or fusilli, but then I spotted some chicken breast in the fridge stupidly tucked behind some yoghurts and, in the words of our favourite Futurama chef Elzar, I knocked it up a notch to make chicken Parm/Milanese.

To be perfectly honest I’m not sure if the two are American versus European terminology or fundamentally different dishes but the same elements are there so I’ll just call this my take on both.

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BGE wings and blue cheese

There’s a pub near me that does buffalo wings where the buffalo sauce has blue cheese in it – they’re amazing and would highly recommend visiting the Mall Tavern just to try them.

Yesterday I wasn’t going out though, I made some wings on my big green egg. I used the sauce below which I marinated the wings in and then I smoked them with hickory chunks for 30 mins. Amazing. Nothing massively original here, just wanted to share.

The sauce

Only change here was to use chopped shallots instead of onion powder and crushed garlic instead of garlic powder.

The dip

Followed this one to the letter except I made the whole thing smooth.